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Product features:
High precision & durability, it has been applied for metal cutting machines. moreover, its fashional appearance will make the machines extraodinary.
The applicable range:
Heavy-duty, ultra-heavy duty tasks, it is commonly used in lathe, miller, CNC and woodworking machinery . It may endure high-speed cutting.
Accuracy inspection:
It utilizes two different diam. and length checkrod to examine the radial skip. Large rod Φ13 length 105mm, small rod Φ6 length 65mm. The max. radial skip of this product will not exceed 0.16mm. It reaches to national standard A Level accuracy criterion. The drillspanner wheel hole hardness is HRC48-50, grip jaw nut is HR53-55, spanner wheel; external sleeve are HRC48-50. The rear taperyses the drill clamp cone gauge (GB-11855) for its painted inspection. The contact-time is no less than 85%. It is 70% higher than the national standard. Torque: GB/T6087-93 fixed input 24MM. Output 14N.M. The product may maximumly input 50N.M and ouput 7N.M. with no damage to various spares of the drill chuck.

Morse Taper Mount:
Modle mm inch Taper mount mm mm KG KEY
92110A 1.0-10 1/32-3/8 B10 43 68 0.315 Z10系列
92113 1.0-13 1/32-1/2 B16 53 84 0.598 Z13系列
92116 3.0-16 1/8-5/8 B16 57 89 0.713 Z13系列
92120 5.0-20 3/16-3/4 B22 65 106 1.100 Z20系列

Jacquard Taper Mount:
Modle mm inch Taper mount mm mm KG KEY
92213C 1.0-13 1/32-1/2 JT33 46 79 0.425 Z13系列

Thread Mount : UNF
Modle mm inch Taper mount mm mm KG KEY
93110B 1.0-10 1/32-3/8 3/8-24UNF 37 61.5 0.275 Z10系列

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