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About Us

Bried is located in the beautiful coast of the East Sea. As a prestigious manufacturer in the industry, Bried is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of mechanical products such as engines, electric power generators. air pumps. water pumps, etc. Since its setup, The company has been adhering to the service concept of Timely delivery of quality products to customers, trying to be better in each step of the whole process than that required by customers, and the principle of More oil-saving, more environment friendly and more economical manufacturing, the company has been dedicated to the continuous upgrade of the quality of products with its improvement in production facilities, elaborate processing techniques, and automation manu- facturing technologies; also. the company has been regarding quality and integrity as its lifeline, and regarding customers satisfaction as its service standards, thus manufacturing the best products in the industry. The company has passed multiple certifications such as ISO9002and TUV, and is renowned for its modernized and standardized management.

The success of Bried is attributed to its self-discipline. Just like its name Bried(Be runner in everyday),the company has been trying to achieve its goals in quality, service, management and concept with its endeavor in each aspect for perfection.

Be runner in every day, Bried is trying to become the vanguard in the industry through the endeavors of all its employees.